Bigzzia Treadmill

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Bigzzia Treadmill
  • 10km/h top speed
  • Completely flat for easy storage
  • Quiet when in use
  • Can be used in front of a desk
  • Maximum user weight of 110kg (approx. 17.5 stone)

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The Bigzzia treadmill is one of the best-selling truly flat treadmills on the market. It’s a stripped-back, barebones treadmill that’s focussed on giving the user exactly what they want – affordability, speed and portability.

The question is, does it live up to the hype? Should you be spending your money on this machine or is there a better option out there?

We hope to answer those questions, and more, in this review.

Bigzzia Treadmill

Inside The Treadmill

The Bigzzia running machine is equipped with a handful of useful features. Most notably, and probably the reason why you’re reading this article, is the size and portability of the treadmill. It’s lightweight, easy to move (thanks to the built in transport wheels) and is flat enough to store underneath furniture.

The Bigzzia Treadmill has speeds ranging from 1 – 10km/h which can be adjusted via the remote control supplied.

On top of that, you’ve got a quiet motor, a running belt with a decent shock absorption system and a durable steel frame. But are they any good? After testing out the Bigzzia Treadmill for 12 weeks, we’ve compiled the best and worst features of this machine below.

Compact Design

Bigzzia Treadmill - Motorised treadmill under desk

The biggest selling point of the Bigzzia is the size and portability of the machine. This is a treadmill that’s built for those who don’t have a lot of floor space to hand, or who want to simply tuck their machine out of sight when it’s not in use.

I’m one of those people, and that’s exactly why I bought and tested this machine for the last 12 weeks to see if it works as a treadmill that can be stored away without any issues.

It measures at 120 cm x 50 cm x 14 cm, which makes it one of the slimmest treadmills you can buy. It’s slim enough to slide underneath or behind most sofas, and it’s also light enough (23.5kg) to make it hassle-free in doing so.

My biggest concern was whether or not it was going to be easy lugging the machine out from underneath the sofa every day. I can say with some certainty that, whilst it’s not feather-light, it’s easy enough to make it feel like it’s not getting in the way of a run.

Desk Treadmill

With the rise in home working, the desk treadmill is quickly becoming a staple part of any home office/gym. When it comes to office exercise equipment, the Bigzzia treadmill gets the fundamentals right.

Bigzzia Home Office Gym Use

Being a slim walking machine that’s portable, the Bigzzia can be placed in front/underneath your desk, allowing you to get your steps in whilst working.

Thanks to its noise reduction system, the Bigzzia treadmill can be used in front of a desk for slow walking, a light jog or even for a decent run. It remains quiet at any speed, with the only audible noise coming from your feet striking the running surface.

For optimum ergonomic design, you’ll want to be using a standing desk whilst using the treadmill and working at the same time. If you don’t have a standing desk, just bear in mind that you might need something to raise your screen to bring it closer to eye level, as well as a surface for your keyboard and mouse.

10km/h Maximum Speed

This feature really surprised us – 10km/h (or just over 6mph) is a pretty good top speed for a flat treadmill at this price range. There are only a handful that have higher speeds whilst retaining the ability to store underneath a sofa, such as the Gearstone.

Desk Treadmill Portable Walking Running Pad

The drawback to the higher top speeds is the portability – machines will typically increase in weight with higher top speeds.

The Bigzzia motorised treadmill does a good job of balancing what people want with being the ‘best’ at everything. Most people will find that 10km/h is plenty fast enough – if you’re finding yourself needing to go faster, you’d probably need to upgrade to a mid-range machine, and they typically can’t be stored easily.

Quiet Motor

Another important feature with any home treadmill is the noise level. You don’t want to be waking up half of your road when you’re up early to have a light jog.

Thanks to the motor, you get a quieter workout with less noise than most other home treadmills. At top speed, the majority of the noise comes from the sound of your feet hitting the running surface. It’s quiet enough to watch TV or listen to music at a reasonable volume without struggling to hear anything.

Sturdy Steel Frame

Don’t be fooled by the lightweight, sleek design of the Bigzzia treadmill – this is a sturdy machine that handles workouts without any hiccups. With any low cost treadmill, there’s the worry that it’ll fall apart after a few weeks of use. After 12 weeks of consistent use, the Bigzzia seems to hold up well. It has a maximum weight capacity of 110kg (17.3 stone).

Bigzzia running pad - flat slim machine

We had to adjust the running deck to center it a couple of times, but that’s to be expected from most machines.

The frame doesn’t rock or bend whilst running. However, it definitely feels more secure when using it on a flat, uniform surface such as a hardwood floor or a mat. If you’re planning on using the Bigzzia on deep carpet, we would suggest purchasing a treadmill mat to go underneath it to reduce rocking and ensure that the treadmill lies flat (and also so your carpet doesn’t get damaged).

Update – Bigzzia has mentioned that they do not recommend using the treadmill on carpet as it affects the heat dissipation of the machine.

Cushioned Running Pad

Having a treadmill that’s based around space saving design does have one primary drawback – not everybody will be comfortable using a machine with a more restricted running surface.

With that said, I’m 6′ 3″ and had no problem running at full speed – my leg stride felt comfortable on the treadmill and I didn’t feel like I was going to hit another part of the machine other than the running deck.

Bigzzia shock absorbing running belt

Speaking of which, the shock absorbing running belt feels really comfortable underfoot. After an hour of running, my joints don’t feel like they’ve taken a battering like they do if I’m running outdoors. The safe cushioning and the shock absorption provides a softer landing for my feet, making the Bigzzia treadmill an ideal at home solution for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.

Remote Control and LCD Display

This is a slim machine with remote control, allowing you to change the speed of your walk or run without having to mess around with a display or on-board buttons. The remote control is included with the treadmill and can be used to turn the machine on and off, as well as adjust the speed.

The LCD display is found at the front of the treadmill, and gives you feedback on your current workout (speed, distance, time and calories burned). The LCD display is bright and clear enough to see without any issues, but it doesn’t do anything clever like track your movement data over the weeks and months to give you feedback. If you’re looking to track progress, you’ll have to take notes of your metrics and important data manually.

Verdict: Should You Buy One?

If you’re debating whether to buy a motorised treadmill/under desk treadmill and you’re unsure which machine is best for you, you can’t go far wrong with the Bigzzia.

Its biggest selling point is the size – the running/walking machine fits easily underneath furniture when not in use, and can be used as a desk treadmill whilst working from home. It’s also light enough to move around easily, so it doesn’t feel like a chore to get set up and running.

The Bigzzia motorised treadmill is a well-priced slim machine with remote control and LCD display, with a top speed of just over 6mph. It’s incredibly stripped back in that regard, but that’s the whole point.

So, if you’re looking for a treadmill that can be stored underneath furniture, can be set up quickly and easily and is perfect for both home office gym use (as a desk treadmill) and general running use, we recommend the Bigzzia motorised treadmill.

Bigzzia Treadmill
  • 10km/h top speed
  • Completely flat for easy storage
  • Quiet when in use
  • Can be used in front of a desk
  • Maximum user weight of 110kg (approx. 17.5 stone)

Last update on 2024-05-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


How do I oil my Bigzzia treadmill?

To oil the Bigzzia treadmill, you need to apply lubricant to the underside of the running surface. Simply lift up the belt with your hand, and apply lubricant to the underside of the machine. Repeat for the other side of the treadmill. Then, turn on the treadmill and walk slowly on the treadmill to spread the lubricant out across the underside of the running surface.

You will typically need to repeat this process every 3-6 months.

How do you use the Bigzzia treadmill?

The Bigzzia is controlled via the remote control (included with the machine). Use the remote control to turn on the treadmill, adjust the speed of the treadmill and turn off the treadmill when you’re done.

The Bigzzia motorised treadmill makes an ideal home office gym treadmill as it has no handlebars, meaning you can place it in front of your desk and get your steps in whilst working from home.

What is a Bigzzia?

The Bigzzia motorised treadmill is a home treadmill designed for those who are resticted on floor space, but want to be able to run in the comfort of their own home. The ergonomic design means that the Bigzzia utilises as little space occupation as possible, allowing you to store your treadmill underneath your sofa/behind furniture when not in use.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 110kg (17.3 stone).

How do I turn on my Bigzzia treadmill?

You can use your remote control to turn on your treadmill. Simply press the start/on button and you should see the LCD screen at the front of the treadmill light up. If the LCD screen doesn’t light up, your treadmill may not be correctly installed or may have a fault. In this situation, contact Bigzzia and they should be able to assist you further.

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