About Us

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Hi! I’m Joe, nice to meet you.

Welcome to Best Exercise

Come on in, take a seat, milk and two sugars?

My name is Joe and I’m the founder of Best Exercise. Our aim with this website is to provide you, the reader, with an honest and unbiased opinion on some of the biggest and best fitness and exercise equipment on the market.

How do we do this? We go out there and try out the equipment ourselves! I’ve been involved in the fitness sector for many years now, and I am fortunate to have a number of contacts who either have direct access to, or know of a way to get access to, some of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment.

So sit back, relax, and browse through the site in your own time. We hope you get some benefit from our buyers guides and reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you review treadmills?

Yes, we have extensively reviewed a number of treadmills at both ends of the price spectrum. To be honest, we were quite surprised by the quality of some of the lower cost ones – be sure to read our treadmill reviews.

2. Do you review home fitness equipment?

Yes! This is our primary target market. The home fitness industry has grown hugely over the past decade, and noticeably so since we all had to be stuck indoors. This is exactly why we’re writing our unbiased, honest reviews – to ensure that you spend your money wisely when investing in home exercise equipment.

3. How long have you been reviewing exercise equipment?

I’ve been working in the fitness sector for many years now, and so have had the pleasure to have tried and tested some incredible pieces of equipment. This includes pro gym equipment and home fitness equipment. With regards to officially writing down my opinions and publishing them on a website? We launched in 2021, so fairly new online!

4. Do you review home exercise bikes?

We do! We’re just about to publish a couple of reviews on some of the most popular home exercise bikes available, and one of them had some unexpected results(!). Be sure to check them out once they’re published.