Best Fold Flat Treadmill UK

Home treadmills are becoming more and more prominent, and their rise in popularity has led to some of the best home treadmills dropping in price significantly. But in order to fit into the home gym lifestyle, manufacturers needed to create space-saving features for their treadmills. Thus, the folding treadmill was born!

With so many folding treadmills on the market, it can be difficult to sift through them all to find the best home treadmill for you. Fortunately, we’ve been able to test, in detail, the most popular fold flat treadmills in the UK. This guide will help you make an informed decision as to what fold flat treadmill is best for you.

So without further ado, let’s find out what the best fold flat treadmill UK is!

The Best Fold Flat Treadmill UK

best fold flat treadmill uk
Reebok ZR8 – The best fold flat treadmill UK as rated by our fitness experts

1. Reebok ZR8 Folding Treadmill Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best fold flat treadmill in the UK is the Reebok ZR8 Treadmill. The ZR8 is one of the most popular home treadmills on the market (possibly THE most popular), and it holds the top spot on our list for a number of reasons, most notably its balance of quality, features and cost.

Out of the box, it’s largely assembled for you and took us roughly 15 minutes to get it up and running. The only thing we would suggest is to try and get help from a family member or friend, as it is a very heavy package. After using it for a few days, we were blown away by the number of features available and how comfortable it is to run on. Some other home treadmills can be difficult on the joints when running for a prolonged period of time – with the ZR8, it feels like a professional gym treadmill. It’s also incredibly quiet making it ideal for home running.


Reebok ZR8 Treadmill
The Zr8 comes packed with features such as 12 incline levels, 24 programs and a bunch of stats to track your run

This treadmill comes jam-packed with some of the best available features of any fold flat treadmill in the UK. It has a top speed of 10mph and has no less than 12 different incline percentages to push the difficulty further. The control panel is bright and clear and has a plethora of features to track your run and keep you on pace. The display provides live feedback on calories burned, distance, speed, time, current elevation and even heart rate, which we found to be very accurate. Heart rate values are provided through the hand pulse sensors built into the hand rests on either side of the treadmill.

The ZR8 has 24 unique fitness programs built-in, allowing you to jump on and start a run targeted to your specific requirements. If you’re new to running, they have a range of easy programs to get you started. If you’re more of an intermediate or experienced runner, there are plenty of tough programs to improve your fitness levels.

Probably one of the best features is the controls that are built into the handlebars. This is a key feature found on the majority of professional treadmills but can be lacking on home treadmills. The ZR8 has done it right, and allows you to control the speed and incline of the treadmill without having to prod aimlessly at a screen or mess around with fiddly buttons on the control panel.

The running area is very wide and comfortable for a home treadmill – it feels as good as any commercial gym treadmill we’ve tried. As a taller and heavier guy (6′ 3″, 100kg+), I found the treadmill to be comfortable to be spacious. One of my biggest gripes with home treadmills is that they can feel too narrow. The ZR8 is one of the few home treadmills under £500 that provides me with enough space to run, with a comfortable desk to run on.

Build Quality

Straight out of the box, you can tell this treadmill is built like a tank. We’ve been using the ZR8 for a couple of weeks one to two times a day, and everything feels sturdy, strong and well-built. Whilst running, there’s no movement in the treadmill and the running deck feels strong and stays in the center of the treadmill. The LED screen and the buttons feel like commercial gym quality, and the treadmill has a maximum weight limit of 120kg (just under 19 stone).

As an added bonus, the ZR8 comes with a 10-year motor warranty, 2-year parts and labour warranty and a lifetime frame warranty. We can’t comment on the quality of the support, but from reading a lot of feedback from other ZR8 users who have contacted Reebok, they have all been extremely satisfied by the prompt response and the fast and effective support. Please note that these warranty figures are at time of writing this article, and may have changed since. Please check with the manufacturer to double-check the warranty details.


At less than £450, the Reebok ZR8 is the best fold flat treadmill available in the UK today. Its incredible features and sturdy build quality, coupled with the reasonable cost, make it our top pick for the best folding treadmill for home use. Click the button below for an up-to-date price on Amazon UK.

2. Dripex 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

Dripex 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill
Dripex 2 in 1 – can be used as an under-desk treadmill

Our runner-up for best fold flat treadmill UK is the Dripex 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill. But all is not as it seems, as this could be the perfect treadmill for you, depending on your personal requirements. The Dripex treadmill has quite a significant advantage over the Reebok ZR8 with one unique feature:

The handrails fold completely flat inside the treadmill, allowing it to be used as a treadmill under your desk.

Now of course, the decision between the Reebok and the Dripex will largely depend on how you think you’ll be using your treadmill at home. If you’re primarily going to be using it as part of your overall fitness routine, and you have time in the day set aside for a workout, the Reebok is likely the best fit for you. If you struggle to find the time to get a workout in, or you’re stretched for space, the Dripex could be the better option for you.


 Dripex 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill 2
The handlebars can be detached, allowing for storage of the treadmill under beds, sofas etc

This treadmill holds is own against other similarly priced fold flat treadmills in the UK. When upright, it has a top speed of 12km/h (just under 8mph), and is powered by a 2.25 horsepower motor. You can move up in speed in increments as small as 0.1km/h. A great feature of this folding treadmill is the dual screens – one integrated into the handrails and the other at the bottom of the treadmill in front of you. They provide you with at-a-glance metrics on your run or walk, including calories burned, distance, speed and time.

The folding treadmill features a built-in Bluetooth speaker allowing you to connect your phone to the treadmill and play your music through the speaker. Whilst not the best of quality, it does a great job, but we would suggest using headphones if you prefer higher quality audio. The treadmill also ships with a remote control that allows you to chnage the speed of the treadmill as you run, without having to mess around with the display.

Now we come to the biggest and most impressive feature of the Dripex treadmill. When you’re ready to pack the treadmill away, the handrails detach completely from the treadmill, converting it into a walking treadmill for use in front of the desk or elsewhere. But not only that, but when the handrails are detached, the treadmill is just 5 inches tall! We were able to slide the treadmill underneath the bed to keep it out of sight – this is a massive feature for those little space and want to maximise their available area. The treadmill, whilst heavy, comes equipped with small castor wheels at the bottom of one side, allowing you to easily move it around the room and tuck it away when you’re done.

Build Quality

Out of the box, the treadmill is almost completely set up – you just need to attach the handrails and the phone holder and you’re underway. It’s very heavy (almost 35kg) and feels incredibly well built and sturdy. During out testing, we regularly had hour-long running sessions across a 3 week period – and it didn’t put a foot wrong. It doesn’t move or rock, the running surface is wide and stable, whilst having a good feel underfoot.

The steel frame has a smooth, professional finish, and the motor is as quiet as a mouse. It’s perfect for home use, and is unlikely to disturb others – we regularly ran in front of the TV or used it in its folded position in front of the desk with very little noise. We had no issues with detaching and reattaching the handlebars and feel like this treadmill can last a lifetime with the right care and attention. It also has a maximum user weight of 120kg (just under 19 stone).


At under £400, this is an incredibly priced fold flat treadmill that is packed full of professional-level features. Most notably, this treadmill has the added bonus of removable handlebars allowing you to store the treadmill completely out of sight in a cupboard or under the bed. Alternatively, this feature allows you to walk in front of your desk allowing you to continue to get a workout in whilst working. If your priorities are space-saving and the ability to workout in front of the computer, this is the treadmill for you.

3. REDLIRO Fold Flat Treadmill For Budget Buyers

REDLIRO Fold Flat Treadmill
The REDLIRO balances good features, sturdy build and is our most affordable folding treadmill

For those who are looking to spend as little as possible but still want a great home treadmill, this is our pick for the best fold flat treadmill UK for budget buyers. But whilst budget typically means a reduction in quality and features, the REDLIRO folding treadmill does a great job in terms of features and build.


Whilst not as powerful as the other two treadmills on our list, it still provides a maximum running speed of 6.5mph which should be plenty for most home users. It’s also exceptionally quiet, something which is important to consider for home treadmills. It folds very flat, with the total height when folded being just over 40cm.

The LCD display gives you up to date metrics on speed, distance, time and calories burned – all of the standard values you’d expect to see on good quality home treadmills. On top of that, it has 12 built-in running programs suited for a range of fitness levels, so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, you can jump straight into a workout without any hassle. As an added little extra, theres a phone/tablet holder just above the display screen and control panel so you can watch videos whilst working out.

Finally, this treadmill has the ability to change your running speed on the fly via the built-in controls inside the handrail, as well as stop and start the treadmill. There’s also a heart rate monitor so you can periodically check your heart rate.

Build Quality

Built of steel, it’s no surprise that it’s a heavy home treadmill! Although not quite as heavy as our other two picks, at just over 30kg it still very very sturdy with little movement in the arms or the body of the machine.

During use, everything feels professional and well-built, the running surface is comfortable and has enough space for even tall users (6ft+). It has a maximum weight capacity of 100kg.

We would suggest investing in a mat or similar to place underneath the treadmill, to further enhance the quality feel when in use. It seems to feel more comfortable when it’s placed on a smooth flat and slightly padded surface and helps further reduce any residual noise from the treadmill.


As stated, this is our choice for budget buyers looking for the best fold flat treadmill UK. At less than £320 (at time of writing), you really can’t go wrong with this machine. Its balance of cost, features and build is second to none and is our go-to choice if you’re looking to spend as little as possible, but still want to ensure you’re getting a quality home treadmill that can fold flat.


So there you have it – our definitive guide to the best fold flat treadmill UK. We’ve tested and reviewed a number of home folding treadmills for this guide, and the three we have chosen were picked for their top-notch features, quality build and reasonable price.

If you want the absolute best home folding treadmill, the Reebok ZR8 is for you. It’s unmatched in quality and features, and comes from a big brand with a good warranty.

If you want to be able to exercise whilst working in front of the desk, or you’re worried about space and want the treadmill to slip underneath the bed when not in use, then the Dripex is the treadmill for you.

If you simply want a great treadmill, that might not quite have all the bells and whistles, but does the fundamentals well and is affordable, the REDLIRO Treadmill is your best bet.

We hope you found this buyers guide useful – if you have any questions regarding the three treadmills we have reviewed above, please leave a comment below and one of our reviewers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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