Trek Cocoa Coconut Protein Flapjack (2022)

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Wondering whether or not to buy a box of Trek Cocoa Coconut Protein Flapjacks? Look no further!

We’ve written a complete review of the Trek Cocoa Coconut flapjacks, covering everything from taste and texture to price and protein content.

Read on to find out our honest and unbiased verdict on Trek’s Coconut and Cocoa Flapjack.

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Trek Cocoa Coconut Flapjack

Trek are a staple in the healthy snacking industry. If you haven’t come across them before, they focus on creating healthy, vegan snacks that are typically high in protein and usually have additional features such as being gluten-free, making them ideal for coeliacs.

Fortunately, the Trek Cocoa Coconut Protein Flapjack is no different!

If you’re looking to get your hands on some of Treks flapjacks, bars, and other snacks, their full range of products are available to buy direct from Amazon UK.

Now, let’s get down to why you’re really here – the taste.

Trek Cocoa Coconut Protein Flapjack Taste

trek coconut flapjack

My, my… How do we describe these hidden gems?! We went ahead and bought a box of 16 bars direct from Trek via Amazon UK, and got through the lot in about 2 weeks.

Texture-wise, the Trek Cocoa Coconut flapjacks are a gooey, chewy consistency. They’re exactly what you want from an oaty flapjack – they taste like a real treat, but still maintain healthy macros and completely plant-based ingredients.

The coconut flavour is subtle and not overpowering – the main flavour is definitely the cocoa and flapjack. I’m not the biggest fan of coconut and I still really liked these and would order them again.


Nutritionally, they’re what you’d expect from a plant-based health snack. I’d argue that the sugar is a little too high for the super health conscious, but other than that, they’re a great balance of macros.

Per 100gPer 50g (per bar)
of which saturates13.2g6.6g
of which sugars27.2g13.5g
trek cocoa coconut protein

Per flapjack, you’ll be getting 234 calories, made up of just over 20 grams of carbs, almost 13 grams of fat and 9 grams of protein.

I’d prefer the macros to be balanced more heavily on the protein and less on the carbs/fat, but Trek do also sell higher protein bars for that exact purpose. That being said, these flapjacks are still a great option for those wanting to supplement their intake of protein. You could also use these as a part meal replacement for your breakfast depending on your durrent diet plans.


The RRP for the Trek Cocoa Coconut Protein Flapjack is currently £12.49 (at time of writing), which is around £0.80 per bar. A very affordable price point for a protein flapjack! We got hold of ours whilst they were on offer at just £10 for 16 bars (around £0.63 each!).

For the best price currently available, click here to view the product on Amazon UK.

Final Verdict

If you’re a fan of coconut, then look no further! The Trek Cocoa Coconut Protein Flapjack is a great choice to make if you’re looking to supplement your diet with a high protein, gluten-free source.

Not only that, but it sits at a low price point when compared to other protein flapjacks on the market, so you’ll be saving some pennies whilst still reaping the rewards of the additional protein.

Last update on 2022-07-04 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API