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JOROTO X1S Home Exercise Bike
  • 16kg flywheel provides a smooth and quiet motion
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Easy to move and store when not in use
  • Digital monitor + phone/tablet stand
  • Maximum user weight of 280lbs (approx. 20 stone)

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The Friction Resistance Updated X1S has arrived! This is the updated version of the original JOROTO X1S, and comes with a number of significant upgrades to the indoor cycling bike.

If you’re in the market for a mid-range exercise bike, this could be just the machine you’re looking for.

The following JOROTO X1S review is our comprehensive, unbiased opinion on the indoor bike and how it performs when compared to other machines at a similar price point.

Let’s take a look!

Delivery, Set Up & Assembly


Delivery took just two days directly from JOROTO on Amazon, and was delivered by two people who brought it straight inside for us.

It’s a fairly large and heavy box, so we would suggest having a second pair of hands available for bringing it into your home and assembling the stationary bike.

Set up and assembly was very straightforward, taking just 15 minutes from unpacking to being completely built. No additional tools are required to build the bike, although you’re definitely going to need an extra pair of hands – attaching the handlebars is difficult to do single-handedly.

The majority of the parts just bolt together or slot into each other – nice and hassle-free!

Using The JOROTO X1S Indoor Cycling Bike

First off, this is one of the best-looking bikes we’ve seen at this price point. Whilst the styling may not be high up on your list of priorities when searching for your new exercise bike, it’s good to know that the JOROTO has a quality finish which makes it feel all the more expensive and high-end.

JOROTO Indoor Cycling Bike

Using the JOROTO indoor cycling bike is comfortable and sturdy, thanks to the AV type frame. The build quality is superb, with solid 50mm metal frame tubing helping to anchor the bike to the ground whilst you exercise. Some cheaper bikes can fall down in this area, with noticeable rocking and movement whilst pedalling. Fortunately with the JOROTO, the build quality ensures a steady operation throughout your workout.

Everything seems to be adjustable too, from the seat to the handlebars and the pedals. Ideal for those who are on the shorter or taller side.

Bonus points to JOROTO for building a bike with a weight capacity of 127kg!

What Are The Features Like?

The JOROTO Exercise Bike is packed full of features – instead of just listing them all, we’ve decided to focus on the features that really blew us away and give you a little bit more detail as to how they work and perform.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features of this exercise bike.

Digital Monitor

The multi functional digital monitor gives you live feedback on all of the typical metrics you’d expect to see on a stationary bike: Speed, distance covered, time, RPM and total calories burned on your current workout. The best thing about the monitor is that it’s responsive and snappy, with a simple layout that’s very easy to use.

JOROTO Indoor Cycling Bike

On top of that (quite literally), you’ve got a large tablet stand allowing you to securely mount a phone of a tablet to the front of the exercise bike. We tested this out with an iPad and everything felt sturdy, giving us the opportunity to watch Netflix whilst exercising.

Adjustable Resistance

Similar to a spin bike, the adjustable resistance is managed via the resistance knob just below the handlebars. With a simple twist of the knob, you can quickly increase or decrease the flywheel resistance, allowing you to get the most out of your workouts without any extra hassle.

Adjustable Resistance Spin Bike

Conveniently, the stationary bike also comes with an emergency brake feature. By pushing the resistance knob, the bike stops abruptly. We didn’t have to use this feature during our testing, but it’s useful to have this feature available just in case of an emergency.

Heavy Duty Flywheel

The 16kg (35lb) flywheel provides you with a smooth and consistent riding experience. The flywheel utilises felt pads for the adjustable resistance, which reduces the amount of maintenance needed on the bike.

The majority of indoor cycling bikes use a belt drive system, and this bike is no exception. The belt drive system is smooth and frictionless, giving the benefit of an incredibly quiet machine. The bike produces very little noise, even when being pushed to its limits.

Heavy Duty Flywheel

Other spin bikes in a similar price bracket typically have lighter flywheels which don’t provide as much resistance. If you’re serious about your spin workouts and you want to ensure you keep pushing yourself, we would always recommend opting for a bike that has a decent-sized flywheel such as the JOROTO X1S.

Fully Adjustable

Probably one of the most overlooked features when shopping for a new stationary bike is how adjustable it is. Whilst it may not seem important, it can make the difference between an uncomfortable workout and a comfortable one.

It becomes even more of a factor if you’ll be sharing your bike with other people, as you’ll want to ensure that it can be readily adjusted to different heights.

Fortunately, the JOROTO has a fully adjustable handle, seat and resistance.

JOROTO X1S Indoor Cycling Bike

The multi grip handlebars are 2-way adjustable (upwards and downwards, perfect for varying heights). Having dual grips on the handlebars also allow for a more comfortable cycling experience depending on your riding style.

The comfy seat (which is also a wider seat than most other spin bikes, which is a nice benefit) is 4-way adjustable. You can move the seat upwards or downwards, as well as towards and away from the handlebars for optimal comfort and positioning.

Easy To Move/Store

Last, but most certainly not least, is the ease of moving and storing the bike when not in use.

The JOROTO X1s Indoor Cycling Bike comes equipped with two transport wheels at the front, right below the flywheel. Once you’re done with your workout, you can simply tilt and roll the bike out of the way without having to do any heavy lifting.

The dual transportation wheels are a nice little added touch to an all-round great home exercise bike.

What’s The Build Quality Like?

Build quality is another one of those areas that is often overlooked – it’s also difficult to determine until the bike arrives on your doorstep.

Fortunately, we’ve put the JOROTO X1S Indoor Cycling Bike through its paces to see how it holds up under a lot of pressure.

The AV type frame is built out of 50mm thickened tubing, giving it plenty of rigidity. The bike itself weighs approximately 16kg, so it’s lightweight but not too lightweight.

JOROTO X1S Indoor Cycling Bike

Once it’s built, it feels strong and sturdy – there are no flimsy pieces or bits that feel like they’re going to break the moment you put any weight on them. Everything is decently built and well manufactured.

We tested it on a solid floor with a gym mat underneath (to help with noise dampening and stability) – this is how we would suggest you use the bike too. If you’re on carpet, that’s not a problem, but if you’re on a solid floor, we would recommend a gym mat or a yoga mat to place underneath the bike.

If you’re worried about uneven floors or rocking, the bike has 4 horizontal adjustment knobs under the front and rear stabilizers to keep the bike stable. These knobs can be quickly height-adjusted to ensure you always have a flat, stable bike on any surface.

The bike is quiet too – very quiet. The belt drive is near silent, making very little noise even when you’re pedalling at full pelt. There’s some floor noise, but as mentioned above, this only occurs if you’re on a solid floor, and a mat should do the trick to mitigate this issue.

The maximum user weight capacity is 20 stone (280 lbs) which is a testament to just how well-built this JOROTO X1S indoor cycling bike is. Even the water bottle holder feels well-made!

Finally, the pedals are a cage design with adjustable straps to comfortably buckle your feet in. Rather than being made of plastic like other indoor cycling bikes, they’re made of steel and should give you ideal foot support without bending or snapping. As an added bonus, you can pedal both forwards and backward with the JOROTO Spin Bike.

Verdict – Should You Buy One?

The JOROTO X1S is one of the most popular low-to-mid range indoor cycling bikes/spin bike on the market, and for a plethora of good reasons.

It’s incredibly well-priced, built like a tank (without weighing like one) and has one of the best flywheels we’ve come across in this price range.

Add that to the fact that it’s very well adjustable for different heights, has an excellent weight capacity and a fast adjustable resistance handle, and you’ve got yourself one of the best home exercise bikes on the market.

If you’re considering a new home exercise bike at around this price range, then look no further than the JOROTO X1S.

JOROTO X1S Home Exercise Bike
  • 16kg flywheel provides a smooth and quiet motion
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Easy to move and store when not in use
  • Digital monitor + phone/tablet stand
  • Maximum user weight of 280lbs (approx. 20 stone)

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API