6 mistakes people make when they’re just starting out on a treadmill

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You’re just starting out on a treadmill. You may not know how to use it and you may feel awkward using it at first, which is a completely normal response for beginners.

Fortunately, using a treadmill is easy, even for beginners! Just be sure to avoid these 6 mistakes that people make when starting out on a treadmill.

After reading these simple tips and tricks, you should feel much more confident when you’re ready to jump on the treadmill!

1. Starting too fast

The first mistake you’ll want to avoid is starting too fast, especially if this is your first time on a treadmill. If the speed and incline are set correctly for you, it will feel natural and comfortable as soon as you get going. Otherwise, that “runner’s high” won’t be coming anytime soon! Start out at a pace of 3 mph with an incline of 1%. You can increase these numbers gradually over time so long as they don’t exceed what feels right to maintain good form during training.

2. Forgetting to take rest days

The second tip is to not use the treadmill if you’re feeling unwell, but instead rest in another area of the gym or go home for the day – there’s no need to be on a treadmill when you can’t give it your all!

If you’re coming down with something or just feeling too exhausted to stay on for more than 10 minutes at a time, don’t rely on the treadmill to make you feel better. The machine can be an excellent way for your body to release some pent-up endorphins without hurting your joints in the process – but it’s not a substitute for rest when you need it. Stop when you’re feeling lightheaded, exhausted, or dizzy – these are signs that you need to take a break.

3. Not drinking water during your run

Hydration is key when running on a treadmill. Drinking water before, during, and after your workout can help you avoid dehydration and fatigue. Running on a treadmill without water available is never a good idea, so be sure to keep a water bottle handy for all of your workouts.

4. Not wearing appropriate clothing

You’ll want to wear appropriate clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement or could potentially cause you to trip up or lose your balance. If you’re wearing baggy clothing, you’ll want to ensure that the bottoms aren’t likely to get trapped under your shoes or part of the treadmill – so make sure that whatever clothes you’re wearing are fitted enough for this purpose.

5. Not pacing yourself – don’t try to go at full speed the whole time!

You’re going to want to take your time and start out gradually, and don’t try to go at full speed the whole time. This is especially important if this is your first workout on a machine or if you’re feeling lightheaded, dizzy or unwell – in these cases, stop immediately! The most important thing when it comes to running on a treadmill is listening to your body – so pay attention and don’t push yourself past what feels right. Keep some water on hand for hydration during your workout session and wear clothes that are comfortable enough for this purpose.

6. Not asking for help

If you’re unsure about how the treadmill works, or how to best use the treadmill, ask one of the gym staff for help. They’ll be able to help set it up for you and explain what you need to do. You can also search online for instructions in case these weren’t clear.

By avoiding these mistakes that people make when starting out on a treadmill, you should feel more confident about jumping onto the running machine next time around! If you have any questions, leave a comment below and one of our running experts will get back to you shortly.